Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Special Ad Formulas = More Buyer Leads!

Have the recent changes by Craigslist made you sad?

You'll be amazed at the number of real estate buyer leads you can still get with the right Craigslist ad!

Ad Maker Tool uses special ad formulas, developed from months of research
and testing, that significantly increases the number of buyers that respond to your ads!

HURRY! - Limited number of licenses available - (details below)

The graphic image above was captured from Google Analytics to show the buyer traffic on a
Realtor's website before and after our Ad Maker Tool was used to market her listings. 

Here is what you get with your Ad Maker Tool Account

  • Limited competition.  Less than 1/4 of 1% of all real estate agents in the entire country will get access to this system.  By licensing to users based on Craigslist posting area (average 40 per state), we ensure your ads remain effective and give you a HUGE competitive advantage.   Check now to see if your area is still available.

  • Automatic ad creation.  You input your property info one time.  The system creates all the unique ads you will ever need to post using our special, highly effective tested formulas. 

  • "Real-time" stats.  For all your posted ads, you get up to minute stats of the number of buyers that follow the links in your ads. 

  • HUGE time savings.  What takes most people hours to create and post Craigslist ads, has been reduced to minutes.

  • Simplicity. All the effort of creating a hyper-responsive ad and posting it have been minimized.  You just point & click and save hours of effort.

 It’s easy to get started!

The Ad Maker Tool is exactly what you need to get a steady flow
of buyer leads from Craigslist starting today!

14-Day FREE Trial

 Try our system FREE for 14 days
(no credit card needed)


FREE 14-Day Trial
(no credit card needed)


What our customers have to say...
When I first started I thought my stats were fake cause they are so awesome.  My wife is blown away. I am now interviewing Showing Assistants to handle all the new buyers’ leads we are converting into clients.  

In 14 days, I've created over 1,500 click throughs to my website, 78 registrations (name, email) and those are converting so far into 2 buyers in my office signing exclusive agency agreements per week.

So, who can’t use 6-8 additional buyers a month by copying and pasting ads in craig’s list? I’m about to have a really nice problem – too many clients.  Amazing! 
Mat Lewczenko - Keller Williams
I want to thank you for developing Ad Maker tool.  I have been trying to find something like this for over a year.  An associate of mine told me about what you were developing and I couldn’t wait to check it out.  I was very skeptical at first, I have tried numerous other “too good to be true” low monthly fee programs and have always been burned.  I wanted to believe yours was going to work so I tried it.  WOW!!!  It does more than what you say it will do.  I tested it with 10 listings and couldn’t be happier.  It only took me 5 minutes to get each listing set up and then I waited to see what was going to happen.  All of the sudden I was getting AdViews in just minutes and then ClickThrus and then more and more. I couldn’t stop watching the counter.  After 48 hours I re-posted each listing with the 2nd ad.  It takes less than 1 minute to re-post each ad.

Well what about results – IN 3 WEEKS TIME I HAVE HAD 6381 Adviews and 2101 Click Thrus to my website.  I have gained 4 listings and 5 buyers so far from this tool.  I have also had numerous calls for other things such as leasing or rentals.  I am set to close my 1st and 2nd deals next week from calls I received because of all the exposure your tool gave me.  Thank you!
  Mike Cribbin - Cribbin Realty 
Since I started using Ad Maker Tool, my phone has been ringing and buyers have signed up on my website.  I got 6 leads, 3 calls and 3 emails and they are setting up showings. That was just yesterday... I  haven't had this kind of buyer activity in months. Ashley Radke - RE/MAX  

…within 24 hours of posting my first 10 properties, I had an appointment to show 1 of them!  This system really works!!! - Scott Cearley - Keller Williams

…all around it’s been huge impact on my business. It gives me real numbers to present to my listing clients on their property activity and we were able to take my brand new site to over 5,083 visitors a month. Don Johnson - RE/MAX
Before Ad Maker Tool, I was getting 250-260 visitors per month to my real estate website.  Using the system with just 1 property I was able to get 1,543 ad views posting just 30 times and that turned into 505 visitors to my site...with just 1 property I had a 200% increase in traffic just think if I was doing it with 10 properties…WOW!!!  Shannon Maschmeier - Keller Williams


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