Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Opening a New CL Account

If you have a Craigslist Account that has been shut down or is being "ghosted", here are the steps you can take to open a new "clean" account.

Step 1:   Clear all cookies from your computer

Step 2:  Change your IP Address
Step 3:  Open a new browser window that you haven’t used for posting on Craigslist.
You can choose from several – 
Step 4:  Open a new Gmail account (using your new browser window)
Step 5:  Once you have your new Gmail account AND while you are in the new browser window – Go to Craigslist and open a new account. 
***Remember you must do everything with Craigslist in this new browser window.
Step 6:  Go into your profile and change you broker information a little.   Add some spaces in the address or change it from “St.” to “Street” – change the state from “MO” to “Missouri”
And on the phone number add some spaces or characters    888-123-3456 to (888) 123—3456

 Step 7:  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on any of this.

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