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Craigslist HTML Changes - Updated October 2014

October 1, 2014 - The latest changes by Craiglist is that you may not use the words "Copy & Paste" in any of your ads.  When they took away click able links, many people started putting those words in their ads, including us. 

However, no worries, all templates on our system have been changed to handle this new requirement.

November 5, 2013 - If you haven't noticed already, Craigslist has very recently made some changes in their allowed HTML for posting ads. This did affect the AdMakerTool generated ads - and the good news is, we've already made the necessary changes in the system to work with the new restrictions/requirements.

Here is the official Craigslist description for posting HTML:

The key changes that affected AdMakerTool are:

Key Change #1 - No IMG tags allowed in For Sale categories - What this means: AdMakerTools has used IMG tags for tracking the AdViews, therefore with this change - AdViews are no longer able to be tracked. (Your AdViews will go to 0). This is how all ad tracking has worked across various services, and you will find that any service that tracked AdViews before can no longer provide that Viewing statistics. At this point, we aren't aware of any technical way to track AdViews.

CL Posting


Key Change #2 - No <a href="..."> tags allowed & no "clickable" links - what this means: No Hidden / Pretty Links. Sometimes referred to as "Anchor Text" - this is the Visible Clickable Text in a Hyperlink - for example - Visit AdMakerTool. In fact no links work at all, however the full URL will still be displayed and the Craigslist viewer will now have to copy & paste that link into their browser if they want to follow it.  AdMakerTool does use click tracking within the link, so the links in your ads will now appear similar to the following, but will not be highlighted as clickable.  We updated our templates instructing Craigslist viewers to "copy & paste" the URL.

New Craigslist URL Links

Although you won't be able to track AdViews, and your links are no longer "Pretty" and not "clickable" - there is some good news in all of this. Many of your competitors are not aware of this change and have not adapted yet, making their ads less effective (without their links) than yours.  Also, many people posting tons of ads have stopped so there will be less ads to compete against.

We appreciate our active users that immediately noticed these changes and brought them to our prompt attention. Thank you for the continued feedback in making this service better every day.

The AdMakerTool Team - Tom, Kevin, and Jeff


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