Thursday, January 17, 2019

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Yates Harrison
President, CEO - Internet Profit Consultants

My name is Yates Harrison and I've partnered with brothers Kevin & Tom Wood of Real Estate Auction Systems to bring you this amazing online classified ad maker system for attracting real estate buyers.

This tool was developed to help my realtor clients with a way to provide instant traffic to their websites while I worked on the getting their pages ranked on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc…

But let me go back and give you some history…

First I develop a whole system around using a “Flyer” type ad.  It took 2 months and in the end I threw it away because the ads just didn’t get the results for the effort.  Yes they “Looked” pretty but pretty doesn’t sell your house or attract buyers to you.

In frustration the genius of this tool started. I decided to take a completely different approach and developed a simple ad that I would change manually to be able to repost.  

Then the idea came to tie in keywords which caused the ads to be ranked on search engines as a bonus.

Next I realized that using HTML was the best way to make the ads so a link could be embedded in it and linked back to the specific property page on the Realtors website.

Making the ads was time intensive so I hired a couple of people to make the ads so that I could post them for a couple of clients.

That worked well until someone wanted to have a day off.  You see it took 2 people making ads on a daily basis.  To manually make the ads took about 8-10 minutes each.  So if they took off even 1 day I was behind.

That’s when I rolled up my sleeves to figure out how to automate the ad making process…brought in Kevin and Tom Wood and the results is what you see today after months of refinements.

PS  This tool has also made my wife and kids much happier since I have more free time to spend with them.  And that is really what it is all about.

Tom Wood
President, CEO - Real Estate Auction Systems

Tom has been involved with online auctions for over 6 years and also teaches a class about online real estate auctions at the Continental Auctioneers School.

"Working with Yates on bringing his Ad Maker Tool to life on the web is extremely rewarding.  This tool will benefit a lot of Realtors - especially our online auction customers"

Kevin Wood
Chief Technology Officer - Real Estate Auction Systems

Technology has always been an interest and passion of mine since a very young age. It all really started for me when my mom bought one of the first Apple II+ computers in the entire neighborhood, and a friend of hers showed me some very basic programming. I was hooked!

In my professional career I have had incredible learning experiences working in the manufacturing sector, focusing on information technology. Manufacturing is where I developed my appreciation for simple and robust systems that require 100% Uptime to keep the line running. My first endeavor in architecting and building a web application came about with designing and coding  Real Estate Auction Systems. I truly have found what I love to do and it doesn't even seem like work anymore - for that, I am extremely grateful.

When the opportunity came about to design and build AdMakerTool - I knew this is something I really wanted to sink my teeth into. Yates shared some initial statistics about how his manual / spreadsheet based process was bringing in a ton of views and hits for his real estate customers. We tried it for a small sampling of our auction properties and saw the tremendous results! I knew this was something that could benefit a lot of real estate professionals, and that is what drove me to design and build what you see today! If it's at least 1/2 the fun and effective as it is to use as it was to build, I know we will all be smiling.


If you have any questions about our systems or services, don't hesitate to contact us.

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